Ministry of Finance and Energy




The purpose of the research and policy unit is to ensure that fiscal and macro economic policy decisions are well informed and have the necessary leverage, which will ensure that good policies are made.  In this regard the unit serves to advise the permanent Secretary on policy options relating to macro-economic and fiscal issues.  The Unit undertakes the following:

  • ·        Analysis of developments in the economy and projections based on economic performance
  • ·        Research and analysis of macro-economic issues
  • ·        Research and analysis of fiscal issues
  • ·        Acts as a liaison with the Central Bank on research relating to the coordination of monetary and fiscal policy
  • ·        Analysis of current international and regional development and their impact on the domestic economy.
  • ·        Is the key player in advising and analyzing issues relating to debt and investment policy. 

The Policy Unit is located in building #5 at the Ministry of Finance, Financial Complex, the Carenage, St. George’s.