INSIDE FINANCE - Ep.5 Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB)
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Comptroller Mr. Michael Stephen & P.R.O Mrs. Kareen Morain-Alexander
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Deputy Permanent Secretary Kendall Alexander
INSIDE FINANCE - Ep.1 with Mr. Halim Brizan -- Director of the Central Statistics Office
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INSIDE FINANCE - Ep.5 Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) -
Mr. Venner (Statistics Director) started by stating the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) motive for being in Grenada. He gave a synopsis of the Investor’s Relations Plan workshop they hosted with a representative from the IMF prior to this interview. He stated that the main mission of the workshop was to assist the Government of Grenada with “Marketing its Securities” and cementing the gains the country has made prior to the fiscal adjustments the Government underwent. Ms. Kieran Omer (Researcher) stated that the Investor’s Relation Plan (workshop) is key to the capital markets in the aim of attracting investors through developing awareness. Mr. Venner would then detail the benefits of the workshop to the stakeholder involved. He would follow by giving a comprehensive outline of the Regional Governments Security Market (RGSM) . Ms. Omer then spoke about the possibilities of investing by regular citizens and then would certify that the market is safe to invest. Mr. Venner would then chime in to add the benefits of the RGSM on Grenada’s economy. This interview would proceed with a bevy of interesting facts that would interest any investor, economist or citizen at large. This interview is very informative .. so have a look a look into the nation’s business.



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